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At one o’clock in the afternoon, the 13 year old child finally made his appearance for the day. I welcomed him and he apologized for not coming down sooner. He said he was thinking. Thinking about his 8 year old brother and how God moved us here in preparation for his diabetes. “We’re here because God wanted us to be able to take care of him.” He’s very right. I recognized this almost immediately. Medical is so good here and our household income and health insurance is better than we’ve ever experienced before. God has been preparing us for this for a long time.

Our Big Move It wasn’t just this that God was preparing us for by moving us away from all our family, three-quarters of the way across the country. The same child who pointed out God’s hand in our move was also in need of a new location with better medical and education. He’s been brought a long way through his struggles with ADD and it’s so good to see him starting to have a better time with school and to have his asthma under control, but back to his brother and diabetes.

travel mapOur move from Oregon to Michigan September 2015

Unique Growing Opportunity for me This last fall, I was diagnosed with many food allergies which forced me how to read labels and be as stubborn as an old horse when it comes to eating and preparing. No way was I gonna stray from avoiding 27 foods for 6 weeks. Eating out meant my eating first or bringing my own meal. I once brought dinner to a co-worker’s retirement party at a restaurant and asked the waitress for a plate and silverware so I could eat more comfortably. I wasn’t nervous or worried about getting kicked out. I simply started with “I have a soy allergy and cannot safely eat here…” I am no longer afraid to get kicked out of an establishment based on bringing my own food. God was teaching me it’s okay to be strong, necessary to be stubborn with food, and important to plan ahead. He had me learn these traits for my son’s diabetes.

There was a reason A little over 2 months ago, I also was placed in a situation where I chose to quit my job. I applied for a job elsewhere and despite my qualifications, the implications of getting the job during an interview, and my following up twice; I did not hear back from them. This was because God wanted me available to take care of my son and his diabetes.

At the beginning of the year, my husband’s employer made a payroll error and was taking x amount of money from each of his paychecks and putting it into our Health Savings Account when they were supposed to take it out once each month. This error made our HSA have a very significant amount of money in it by May. This was used by God to cover a radiology exam of a suspicious lump I found on myself (normal mass), AND It was just enough to cover the supplies needed to leave the hospital with for my son’s diabetes. Just under $1,000 paid with no hesitations.

God also set us up with perfect timing of a visit from my folks from back home. They came to stay with us for three weeks. They were here for the hard time of diagnosis and the transition time at home after release from the hospital. It’s been so much of a blessing to have my parents here to help give our 5 year old daughter the attention she needs while also being a sounding board when my husband isn’t here and I’m having a hard time counting carbs.

All these recent preparations by God plus all the friends and family he has supplied us with over the years who are knowledgeable and in various medical fields for body and mind. God has been preparing us for this and he will continue to supply us with all we need.

Come and see the wonders of God


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