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Mondays in this house, you can catch me updating our computer files with logs and data reports downloaded from the sites that collect insulin and blood sugar data from our insulin pump (Omnipod) and continuous glucose monitor (Dexcom).

This requires a usb cord to connect the pump to the computer so I can first upload the data from it into their system, our paper log notebook, a text message session between myself and Daniel (and sometimes texts from his teacher during the school year), screen shots I've saved on my phone of middle of the night logs, emails between myself and the school, the paper log from the school that comes home every Friday during the school year, and three websites ... oh and coffee... you can't EVER forget the coffee (I need a refill already).

I use multiple tabs on two browser sessions that remain open simultaneously and I switch back and forth between all of them (at least I know these programs and all the keyboard shortcuts) to get this process complete. If I'm good and I do this every Monday, and I've kept a good paper log, then I can get it done in about an hour. If I got busy and missed a week, or I didn't do an exceptional job keeping up each day, then it can take A LOT longer.

Sometimes I do this all in bed. Today, I'm in the sun room as we just moved our kitchen table there yesterday.

Now for more coffee and more consolidating.

data entry sun room

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