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I mentioned in a previous post titled "A Great Honor" that Daniel has been invited to be a "miracle child" at our hospital's annual televised fundraiser event through Children's Miracle Network. Every year, Sparrow Foundation (Sparrow is our hospital name) teams up with Children's Miracle Network to raise money for our Pediatric wards in the hospital. This is their 30th annual "Day of Miracles".

Well, that's THIS Friday already! We are signed up for a time slot of 9-10pm Eastern Time. It will be live streamed on the www.wilx.com/livestream. They will be airing it on there from 7pm to 11pm Eastern Time on Friday, April 20th for the whole fundraiser. Daniel's interview will only be about 3 minutes long, so you'll have to tune in at 9 and wait patiently as they couldn't tell me what time since it's live and other people may last minute drop out which would affect the order they've set up.

Daniel is VERY excited about this. Hopefully it goes smoothly for him and he doesn't have to fight Evie for the spotlight.

Now I have to go find appropriate clothing and make sure they get to the wash in time! EEK. :)


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