daniel type i diabetic bracelet 1

The night before last, we were bored and I decided to "go live" with Daniel for his bedtime snack. He like it and we decided that doing A Day in the Life video might be kind of cool. So we took all day yesterday doing small videos here and there and then I painstakingly (I'm not talented in this area) compiled the small videos into two long ones because it was nearly 1 hour total of video footage. I don't think I could be a youtuber because it was harder than I thought. I follow The Dale Tribe on youtube and they make it look easy. I'm sure they have better technology than I do.. but, they are a family that I've been watching who have one T1 kid. They chronicle their lives on youtube and it's really encouraging to me to see what they go through from time to time.

So anyway, here are Part 1 and Part 2 of our day in the life of videos. I've decided that if we do more like this, I'm sending the videos to my dad to edit because, he's good at it. :)

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