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It's been a week already. It's only been a week. Isn't this the way life works?

Last week was the start of his insulin pump (using insulin instead of saline). Last week was the last week before Spring Break. It was only a 3 day school week.

Monday, we had his pump start appointment in the morning and then got him to school with only about 2.5 hours left in the school day.

Tuesday he had his scary low on the way to school that we actually suspended pump insulin for. He did not stay at school that day.

Wednesday, I was at school with him attempting to upload the data from the pump and send it to our trainer so she could evaluate and adjust ratios because he was still going low after breakfast. I stayed until he was set up for lunch and then I had an hour before I had to return for his sister to take her to a doctor appointment. As I was heading back, to get Evie, he went low again with double arrows going down and in the 80's. His caregiver at school had gone home sick, so I signed both him and his sister out for the afternoon. So, all-in-all... he had a little less than one full day combined all week.

Since then, his numbers are looking good. He's going on the higher end if he has an afternoon snack, so for his relaxing spring break (we are all being chill and trying to recoup by resting--except Evie, because she's more active still), the snack insulin ratio is not strong enough for the snack and lack of activity. However, next week it might be too strong because he'll be back at school and going out to recess. For that matter, his breakfast and lunch ratios may need backing off, too.

I feel like we have a hang on the pump, though. He still says it hurts less than an injection when we have to put a new one on (every 3 days) and when it gives him insulin, he doesn't feel it at all. He's very happy with it and that makes me happy! Still pumped.

Happy Spring Break from our family!!

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