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I'm very very tired right now. Physically and mentally drained.

This morning we had our first pump appointment. I had Daniel hop in the shower before the appointment so his skin was nice a clean for the pump to adhere to it. He took a hotter than normal shower because he was congested and coughing (yup, he's sick again) and he wanted to relieve the symptoms a bit. Unfortunately, hot showers can drop blood sugar. And so it dropped for him. Dex said 85↓↓.   The double arrows pointing down indicate a drop in blood sugar that is rapid. 85 and the arrows, is NOT GOOD. He's going to come below his safe zone quick! Okay, treat the low and wait for it to turn around... we were almost late to the appointment because it's a potentially bad situation and until we know he's recovering, travelling is not something I'm comfortable with unless there's another adult who can help.

We finally made it to the appointment and ................

Talk about information overload. I think I may be in shock right now. The appointment was a 3 hour long appointment. Then I had to feed him lunch before returning him to school. The pump controller (PDM) made an alert sound and I didn't understand the warning or reminder it was displaying. I wondered if the pump was malfunctioning, but moved forward since it's only saline. I went to tell it he was having "lunch" and I almost completely forgot everything they told me in the 3 hour appointment. At the appointment, she had me program in lunch, even though we weren't eating so that I knew how. So, I just put the pump away and said "I'll do the next meal."

Then I got him to school for the small amount of school that was left after lunch, and attempted to show the PDM to the teacher and because the class was at PE and she was alone in the room, I tried to explain the protocol for telling the pump it's snack time since that's in her time zone of having Daniel... and I got super overwhelmed and had to stop and say...just forget it today, I'll figure it out and let you know.

After I got home, I sat down with all the stuff, and my laptop in case I needed youtube videos for help. I put on some soothing music and I dove into the book the instructor sent me with. I skimmed over the starting a new pod page and noticed a "notice" at the bottom of the page about an alert that will sound an hour and half after starting a new pod so you can check your blood sugar to make sure there's no malfunction impeding the delivery of insulin. Ah, yes. She started to explain that would happen, but we got on some other topic and never came back to it. At least I know the device is likely functioning as normal.

I then decided to reach out to an online support group I'm in and ask if people on pumps normally give insulin for snacks because it wants to do that (what led to me freaking out when trying to show the teacher). Right now, he doesn't get insulin for snacks because we base the amount of carbs he is allowed for a snack on what his blood sugar is, so he almost never gets a snack that will affect his blood sugar enough to be a problem later. The only cases he does have this happen is school treats for someone's birthday or a class party because those items are over his snack limit, but unfair if he doesn't get them, so we just fix it later. Once I realized it's okay to not put in a snack that doesn't need insulin, then I relaxed a bit. The pump does not replace our log. Write it in the log, and note that pump was not told. Moving on.

So after my head started coming around again, it was time to pick the kids up from school. Gosh! That day went super quick!!

Add to it that he went low while at school and my heart stopped again (it wasn't as bad as this morning's). And again after dinner... this one was a drawn out low. Dex alerted, he had fruit snacks, dex showed him dip a bit further and (true to dex nature) held steady at a lower than range number. I was with Jacob at the recogonition night for the end of his wrestling season, and Daniel was home with Brad and Evie. I had texted Brad to make sure he was on top of the low and I let it be and didn't worry about it.. really.. I didn't! But when I got home, dex was still showing lower than range number! So I had him confirm it with accucheck and he was a good number after having a low. Dex showed low 60's for the next 20 mintues, though and I tend to believe it more than I should. Another confirmation showed he was, in fact, 136. Phew!!

I could handle these situation if they came by themselves. Unfortunately, they always seem to come when I'm away from him (him at school, or home while I'm gone) and can't help, or when Evie is needing me for something that can't really wait. I have to take a step back and try to remember to breathe.

I hope the next 7 days are gentle and I learn all I can to be sucessful when we start insunlin through the pump next Monday morning! Until then, I just have to remember to breathe.

As my aunt likes to say (and she may have gotten it from someone else)

"Breathe in and out.
In and out.
But not so fast,
that we pass out."

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