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This morning I got a call from someone who works for the Sparrow Foundation. Sparrow is the name of our local hospital, the hospital that Daniel was admitted to for his diagnosis stay. This woman wanted to know if I received the papers regarding the upcoming (April 20th) Day of Miracles.

I did not.

Apparently, Daniel has been chosen as one of about 50 kids to join his family on the televised fundraiser that Sparrow Foundation puts on each year with help of The Children's Miracle Network (or something to that effect, I may have the order wrong, but there's a CMN logo on the papers so they are involved somehow). This fundraiser is to benefit the Sparrow's Children Center and they have all kinds of stories on it from premies, cancer, heart defects, scoliosis and more.

I talked to Daniel and he is excited to say that he DOES want to be a part of it and share his story on TV. 

I have no idea how we will get a copy of it. The lady said that most families have a friend or family member record it from the TV while it's airing live. But in this day and age, I wonder if it will be aired on their online feed as well? All those details will work themselves out, I'm sure.

I'll keep you all posted on that development, alongside our insulin pump progress.


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