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Back on track.

Our new insurance was activated February 12th, right as scheduled. However, it took a week and a half to get our cards. HR gave us the policy identifier numbers, but the doctor's office wants the cards.

So, as soon as the cards came in, I called and scheduled with the Endocrinologist. We go Wednesday morning to let him know how pumped we are for an insulin pump. Let's get this process going again.

Until the pump arrives, though.... Daniel has been very active in giving himself most of his insulin injections! He even did the more painful, Levemir injection for two mornings in a row. He is on two types of insulin right now. The long acting insulin, Levemir, he gets in the morning, it helps keep his levels between meals in line. The fast acting insulin, Novolog, is what he gets at meal times and over night if his numbers are too high. The Levemir burns when going in, and has to be put in a less sensitive area of his body. The Novolog goes in anywhere there is enough fat to pinch.

When Daniel has an insulin pump, we will no longer need the Levemir because the pump will administer the Novolog consistently throughout the day and the night. Lately, we are having issues with his overnight numbers. He is either starting off high, after dinner has worn off, and then staying high, or going low but coming up in the wee hours. This is clearly a Levemir dose and timing issue and the pump will allow us to fine-tune his dosing and timing. Part of why we are so PUMPED FOR A PUMP!

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