daniel type i diabetic bracelet 1

At Daniel's 6 month endocrinology check up, we talked with the Endocrinologist about getting an insulin pump, we got the information on the process of getting one and we started that process.

Then our insurance situation changed. Starting tomorrow we will be 12 days without insurance. We did not want to get the prescription (the next step in the process) with one insurance and have the time to process it be too long, so we decided to wait for the next step until our new insurance kicks in. It looks like the carrier will still be the same, but the plan will be different. We are unsure what the new plan will cover as far as pumps goes, but we want the Omnipod for it's tubeless feature and the fact that it comes with an applicator device where the machine installs itself with the push of a button. All other pumps have to be inserted manually.

As soon as I know more about our new insurance plan, I will call the endo's office and schedule the appointment to procure the official prescription.

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