daniel type i diabetic bracelet 1


Here it is.

Six month di-versary. Six months ago, we were admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit by way of ER by way of Urgent Care.

Six months ago, my right Nike cross trainer was stained with blueberry vomit.

Six months ago, was a long night. The world stopped turning, but night somehow turned to day. Somehow the sun still rose. Somehow there was hope in my heart. Fear in my head, but hope in my heart.

Six months ago, so many of you were praying and waiting with us.

Six months ago I was too scared to prick his finger let alone give him an injection. Six months ago, he was afraid to get poked with either. We've come so far.

Yesterday.... Daniel did his own dinner time insulin injection. Well, with help. I primed it, he pinched his fat and held the insulin with his thumb on the injection button. I helped steady his hand and he pushed the needle into his belly and pressed the button. We have come so far.

Six months.. and tomorrow (his birthday) he turns 9 years old!

So much to celebrate!

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