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I have nothing but praise for the team at Daniel's school.

His teacher has counted carbs of treats for our benefit. She has made sure I knew when a treat would be given the next day. She invites me to hang out in the classroom whenever I wish. She has educated herself well on type 1 and accepted guidance when protocol was unsure, or a mistake was made from her.

His "caregivers" have adequately administered insulin and asked questions ahead of time when he has PE and I forgot to adjust the math accordingly. They are sure to tell me when there's a schedule issue so I can plan to come to the school for lunch insulin or go on the field trip.

They have all gone above and beyond and I'm so ever thankful for that. It really helps me breathe deeper, more effectively.

This week, we have had issues with his behavior here at home and the team at school is being very responsive to make sure he knows he's loved and his life will get better in time. His teacher is allowing him to stay in from recess (he doesn't like going out in the snow) and work on homework or makeup work from being absent (he gets depressed when I try to make him do it at home). The school counselor is checking in with him 1-2x a week for a while, and his insulin caregivers are arranging a weekly lunch support group type happening between him and the boy in fourth grade whose had Type 1 diabetes since first grade.

I cannot say enough how much I love his school team!

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