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Remind me at the end of the week that he still needs his flu shot, when he's no longer sick.

It seems he's been sick almost every week since school started. This statement rings true every year. Every year, you can find me saying the same thing. But this year is different. This year, he has diabetes. Now that he has diabetes, every illness (even head colds) has potential to put him in the hospital. Each illness requires extra watching to prevent that potential. Up until this illness, we had been just fine.

This sickness is hitting him differently than the rest he's had this school year, though. It's just a cold. Started in the head with stuffy sinuses, and has moved into his chest now. Since it started on Saturday, though, he has had problems with keeping hydrated and developing trace amounts of ketones. We've managed to keep his blood sugar in range (it went really high when he first started the cold), but if we slack off on the fluids, his urine shows trace amounts of ketones. Ketones can be a problem if we don't work at keeping them away.

You see, ketones are the byproduct of a body's breaking down fat and, eventually, muscle. Ketones are a byproduct of damage happening and are a warning sign that if we don't start keeping up with the issue, that he'll be at risk for DKA (Diabetec Ketoacidosis) and THAT can lead to death.

Thankfully, we have test strips to check each time he has to use the bathroom. Thankfully, we have medical help at our disposal with on call endocrinology. Thankfully, if they say it's time to go to the hospital for extra help, we have that available as well and they can help keep him out of danger. Even more in our favor, is the fact that we are being able to keep the ketones at bay with lots and LOTS of fluids at home, it's doable on our own.

I had to keep him home from school today so that we can keep up the fluids in a comfortable setting. He'd only get frustrated at school because with extra fluids, comes extra bathroom trips. There's no school scheduled for all students tomorrow because of parent teacher conferences, so I am hoping that between today and tomorrow he'll be on the mend and able to return to school on Wednesday.

Other than the ketones, he's acting like the cold isn't bothering him much. He's still up and about the house, and currently he's playing video games. For now, that's okay. I might have to take them away for a while so he can rest, but I know he's probably not going to sleep. I have hope for his pulling through when he is not wanting to sit still. It's a healthy sign to me, so I'll allow it as long as he's drinking and eating and peeing and his blood sugar is in range.

Here's to happy hydrating!


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