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Tomorrow is Halloween.

Each T1D family celebrates differently. I've seen the "Switch Witch" method where the candy that is left out on the table (or designated spot) will turn into something non-edible overnight. We've offered to buy candy from any of our three children who wish to sell it to us. They present their pile and we will make an offer of cash (I anticipate some bartering going on--good life lesson, too).

Many others save a decent amount of candy for use for treating low blood sugar in the future (any candy bought by us will be stored for this purpose).

Halloween candy eating for fun is not off limits to one with T1D, however. You simply need to know the carb count per candy so you can either use it as a snack (at or below your snack carb limit--Daniel's is 15 grams) or provide insulin for it at a meal (thus insuring more than a measly amount in one sitting). Either way, it takes planning.

In preparation for candy consumption, I decided it would be a good idea to take pictures of the popular candy bags being sold at our local Meijer Grocery Store so that I could calculate the serving size/carb count ratio and determine the per wrapper content for each candy that we may come across on our trick or treating adventure.

Here is the list for your use or curiosity--whichever may apply to you and yours.

Carb Count per wrapper:

Twizzler Twists Strawberry (2 pieces per wrapper) 7g 
Milk Duds snack size 8.33g
Twix Fun Size 22g
Snickers Fun Size 10.5g
M&M Plain Fun Size 9.67g
M&M Peanut Fun Size 10.5g
M&M Peanut Butter Fun Size 10g
M&M Caramel Fun Size 12g

Reeses mini 10g
Reeses ghosts 9g
Reeses Pumkins 9.5g
Almond Joy Snack Size 10g
Tootsie Roll Midgees (original) 2.2g per roll
Warheads 3.25
Trolli Sour Bites 11 per box
Smarties (Kiddie Mix size) 6.5 per roll
Lemon Head 7 per ball
Leamon Head Fruit Chews 9g per box

Jawbuster 7.5 per ball
Now & Later 3.71 per square
Super Bubble 4g per piece
Kit Kat 9g per two piece bar
Hershey's Milk Chocolate 7.6 per piece
Jolly Rancher Lollipop 5.3 per lolli.


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