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Changing Daniel's Dexcom CGM can be painful at times to him. So as an encouragement, we have given him a jar with the label "Daniel's Dexcom Jar-- $1 to remove, $1 to attach"

We use a product called Uni-Solve to help remove the sensor with less irritation. Imagine having to remove an IV (I'm sure you all have had this experience) once every week. The pain of the tape is worse than the IV itself. It's a humongous, very sticky band-aid that's meant to last 1 week. Before we learned of Uni-solve, we had to pull it off like a band-aid. Ouch. I mean, it's just smaller than the palm of my hand. The actual device is smaller and the wire that stays under his skin is a little thicker than a strand of hair, but the sticky part; the part that makes it stay put.. that's what hurts when you remove it. Uni-solve helps a lot, but it smells and takes time.

So, we give him $1 to let us remove the device from his body.

The attachment is two parts. The sensor, the part that contains the wire that goes into his body, is attached to an applicator. First, we have to remove the backing of the sticky part and stick it to his skin. Then we have to remove a safety device and, using what is called the plunger, quickly inject the wire by way of needle that then gets pulled out with the same plunger device, leaving the wire under the skin. Second, we have to attach the transmitter to the sensor site. This causes pressure to the location that was just punctured. Kind of like if you prick your finger and then squeeze it. It hurts, right?

So, we give him $1 to let us attach the new sensor to his body.

He then puts his two dollar bills into his Dexcom Jar.

This jar is a sad reminder of how my child cannot simply be a child anymore; what he has to go through now, and for the rest of his life.

As technologies change, the pain and inconveniences may improve for him. For now, however, he gets to change his pain for joy and use the money to buy himself something fun. In time, we will encourage him to save for donating to finding a cure. But for now, we are letting him choose how to use it, sort of compensation for his trouble. He has $14 already. We did not start this jar right away, so it's not an accurate representation of how long he's had his Dexcom, but it gives us an approximation.

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