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So last week was Daniel's 3 month check up with the Endocrinologist.

The Dr. was very impressed with our Google document spreadsheet that we use for our log. He said it was very detailed and wanted to know what program we are using and if it's specifically designed for diabetics. I explained that we created it from scratch based on the log sheet they had given us. He was blown away.

Daniel's numbers looked good and his A1C was 6.9 (was 10 a month and a half in). This is a really good number.

The doctor agreed with my desire to get his averages down a bit more. We were doing so well and averaging about 125-150 until his meds were adjusted in preparation for school. Then he went up to 160-200+. Lately it seems he's been averaging even higher. His meal time dosing does not appear to be working lately, either.

The doctor was very encouraging and basically gave me full range over adjusting his dosing as needed. This is a big relief for me as he trusts our ability to care for him.

So this week I adjusted his long acting insulin back to where it was before school started and after a couple days, he had two nights in a row where I had to treat him for being low. So, I put it back. I am now experimenting with adjusting his meal time insulin ratios. So far today, we have a nice line on his dexcom graph from his breakfast. He didn't go above 200 and (with his typical morning snack) did not go below 100. Beautiful.

His sister is sick again, so we are on watch for his numbers to start going up a bit as he may or may not become ill from her. Just another cold it seems. I'm tired of sickness again, only this time it frightens me a bit more as I am just nervous how it will affect Daniel.

Be praying for our bodies to heal from sickness quickly and efficiently.


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