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In four days, we will hit our 3 month diaversary (diagnosis anniversary). The time has gone by so fast... and yet, it's still very surreal to me at times. Do I really have a child with diabetes? Did that really happen? It still feels like I might wake up at any time. Kind of like a movie that you get to the end of to realize it was someone's dream the whole time. If only that were true.

We are here, we've been tasked with this challenge in life. To deal with it gracefully and be an example to others. Our job is to share about it, teach others about it to release any stigma, to show others who have a connection with type 1 outside of us that it's not easy and type 1 diabetics need friends. The whole family needs friends.

One of the scariest things for me is knowing that if he goes low enough, he could be confused and need help to treat the low because he might not be in the right mind at the time. If he had a friend looking out for his well-being for the rest of his life, I'd be relieved. I pray that he finds someone like that. If you are reading this and you have daily contact with someone who has type 1 diabetes.. maybe you could be that friend to them. Ask if you can watch the next time they need to check their blood sugar. I'm sure they'd be willing to show you. Daniel would. I admire his bravery and his willingness to do what needs to be done, no matter the company.

Last week, we went to a birthday party. He took his pre-dinner insulin right there at the party table with all his friends right there. Some noticed, others didn't. I was still proud that he didn't stop life for his insulin.

I am trying to make it so that he can check his blood sugar in the classroom. I believe this is a big step in educating other kids about this disorder... if they can SEE what he has to do, they will have more understanding. Right now, if he needs to confirm his blood sugar with a finger prick, he has to go to the school office. I imagine the kids in his class simply see that he gets to leave class. If they can see WHY, then maybe they can be more supportive. I want to normalize his diabetes in the classroom. It's a fact of life for him, and I wish he can just take care of it and keep going. Kind of like when you are at work and you need to use a tissue. Imagine if you had to leave your desk and go to a private location to wipe your nose, then wait 15 minutes in that location, wipe your nose again and then return to your desk and your work. It's distracting mentally, and it's an inefficient use of time. That's exactly why we keep a box of tissue in the office, right? You wipe, you trash it and you keep working. You can read emails while you wipe... your work doesn't stop because your nose needed a wipe. His education doesn't stop when he needs to pay attention to his sugar levels. In fact, the classes teaching and schedule keeps going in his absence. I fear he's going to get lost.

I got off topic. I am struggling to keep on topic a lot lately. That's what happens when you are overwhelmed, I guess.

Some day I hope to look back on my life and see what good God has brought of this storm. I know he will. I know there’s a purpose. If not to simply stretch our faith.bddb8e6e8f5462cc8ed4323136b02130 god healing quotes healing scriptures

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