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Where do I start?

Well, the school year is off to a relatively good start.

Everyone in the school is showing great care for our well being. His teacher has taken on the task of keeping him in good health very personally. She has looked up all the carb counts for all the treats she normally offers her students the first week and after. She asked if she could read a book to the class about diabetes and he brought in one of his diabetic teddy bears to share with them.

We had a 504 Plan meeting on Thursday that felt so cluttered. I'm still trying to process it. Diabetes management is so complicated and it's very difficult to plan for all possibilities in one sitting. A 504 plan is basically a written out policy of how to work with Daniel at school to ensure his health safety while in the school's care. This also allows for accommodations for missed school or class time due to his diabetes. This meeting was incomplete as we ran out of time and could not cover all bases.

This morning we had an IEP meeting. Similar to a 504, an IEP is a specialized document that outlinds specific needs and how to accommodate them in the school setting. This was for needs separate to his diabetes management. This is mainly to ensure that he doesn't have an underlying need that was present prior to his diabetes diagnosis and potentially complicated by the diabetes. As most of you know, Daniel was not a "normal" child. He was delayed in many areas. Speech, communication, cognitive, fine motor skills. He was evaluated for Autism at age 4 due to characteristics and delays. He was found to not qualify at the time for an Autism diagnosis. He was diagnosed at that time with a global delay. We have worked very hard with him to get him to the functioning status that he is in currently.

The IEP meeting went well. He is academically functioning very well and if he continues they may consider him for the gifted program. They understand and see some of his functional behaviors as potential for social issues that may affect his learning. At this point, we are back to the watch his academic functions and behavioral functions and report back as needed. No official IEP as of this moment.

The Dexcom CGM has shown to be accurate within reason and we are trusting it more and more every day. He now has a cell phone just for his CGM. The CGM sends information to his phone and then his phone sends it to mine and Brad's automatically. This means that throughout the night, we can look at our phones to check on him. This saves us precious sleeping time because we no longer have to get out of bed, up the stairs to his room and wait for the data to be sent to our phones or prick his finger to check. Going back to sleep after checking him this way is so much easier. In addition to this, he's found a balance with his numbers again. Fewer and fewer low and high blood sugars are happening both here and at school.

The promise of full sleep is very close. This is good, because lately coffee is full of empty promises. There simply is not ever enough of it to combat the level of tired I am.

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