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Yesterday was our first full day of school since diagnosis almost 2 months ago. I am so blessed by so much preparation for us. I mean divine preparation. This year is the first year that the school food service has an online menu that includes nutrition information, including carb counts! This makes it so much easier for the school to calculate how much insulin to give Daniel.

We have an arrangement set up where we will email in Daniel’s lunch order the night before and they will assemble a tray for him as they set up lunch the next day. This ensures that he will get the food that they will have given him the insulin for in the office before heading to the cafeteria. It also ensures that he will not be stuck waiting in line while the insulin starts working, causing a potential sugar crash.

For yesterday, he chose what they call “fun lunch”. It was a common option choice for him last year. They have a cart with grain options (muffins, bagels, cereal), yogurts and cheeses. This year, though, he doesn’t have to go to the cart as they will already have his tray ready when he gets there. That means that if he wants a specific kind of muffin, he doesn’t have to worry about them running out before he gets to it. He’s thrilled to be spoiled with first pick.

All in all, yesterday went well. There was a miscommunication between him and me regarding his snacks. He’s allowed two snacks, one in the morning with his class, and one in the afternoon right before going out to recess. This snack is to prevent a low sugar incident to arise from his running around. I sent him with cheese and crackers for his morning snack, and I put them in two separate baggies so the cheese didn’t get crummy. He thought I sent him with 3 snacks because there were 3 baggies. So.. he didn’t get any carbs for the morning snack. He ate the cheese alone. He told me the dexcom said he was high anyway. Well, now he knows that if there’s cheese and crackers, they are meant to go together.

The only issue we had was regarding the bus yesterday. Last year the bus ride was 15 minutes. Yesterday, the ride home was 45! By the time I got him home, he was very upset and I could hardly get through to him. His blood sugar was a little high, but not high enough to cause such an emotional upheaval.  I put a call into the bus service people this morning and am waiting for them to call back. If his ride is going to be 45 minutes this year, we need to make medical training of all drivers essential.

This year is going to be hard to start off… here’s hoping things get easier as we learn how his blood sugars will react to things at school.

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