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Today, the Dexcom CGM arrived! I was in the middle of running through my multiple to do list to get us ready for school (Monday) and Evie's birthday party (Sunday) as well as other schedule requirements. I had just taken 30 minutes to comprise my lists and collaborate them or cross reference them. I had my next 4 days planned out roughly. I had forgotten about the Dexcom. Okay.. now we have to add that to the to do list because having that working for school would be amazing!

I was on my way out the door when the FedEx man knocked on the door and left a box on the step. It was a happy and stressful realization that the device arrived one day early.

While out and running errands, checking off things for my to do list, I began to get a stomach ache. Stress caught up to me? Maybe. When Brad got home from work, I was really not feeling comfortable. He was anxious to get the Dexcom show on the road, but I wasn't feeling up to it. I decided to go ahead and watch the training tutorial to find out what needs doing when I'm feeling better... I could at least set up the "receiver" (a device that receives the data from the piece attached to his arm, and displays it, alerting if the numbers are too high or too low indicating he needs treatment). I began the tutorial to find out how to set up the profile on the receiver. Only, I couldn't do that until the device was on his body.

"Okay, fine.. we'll put it on."

I wasn't as excited as I'd like to be.. but here we go.

I started to put the sensor on/in his arm (after doing the cleaning prep). He was a little nervous, unsure the level of discomfort the application process would be. He winced, I applied the sensor. He barely noticed! Said it is worse getting his insulin injections! Then the transmitter part needed applying. This took a little pressure and THAT hurt a bit more. It's kind of like, when you have an IV in your arm or your hand and you press on it. It hurts, doesn't it? Despite the pain, we managed to get it on with very little hiccups.

So, we moved onto the next step and we told the device to activate. I was expecting, then, to need to start the calibration portion of the set-up. That's where we check his blood sugar the usual way and tell the machine that's what it is. I was wanting to apply the device to him at bed time so the calibration times (every 12 hours) would be bed time and breakfast. Unfortunately, it has a warm-up period that I wasn't aware of. It's a two hour warm up before you can calibrate. Good thing I started two hours before bedtime. How'd we manage that?!

So, the CGM is on his arm, and the receiver is with him and plugged in charging... and we wait. Only 30-40 more minutes now!

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