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This morning, the kids and I went down to the school for a meeting with several staff members to go over Daniel's diabetes management during the school day.

In this meeting I became very relieved by the school staff. They seem very knowledgeable with the signs and symptoms of low and high blood sugar and they have been successfully managing another student's diabetes for the last 3 years. The librarian is who will be helping Daniel regularly, and a support teacher will be her back up. Daniel apparently likes the librarian a lot and was happy to hear that she knows how to give injections already. He is still afraid to have Brad give him his insulin. Something that we are still waiting for the right time to try again.

Also, we got the email confirming that his Dexcom CGM is being shipped and should arrive by Friday, so we might be completely on board with it for school starting on Monday!

Stay tuned for the arrival and first attachment of the Dexcom in a few days! :)

The rest of this week will be collecting all the needed items for the school to easily manage his diabetes. I need to get a shoebox sized container to fill with 3 days worth of stuff to keep in the classroom for lockdown situations. We go back to the Endo clinic tomorrow and then I can get a prescription for our insulin needles that we are low on, as well as insulin for at school. I've already got the large box of supplies that will be kept in the nurses office for daily management. I used to stress over supplying enough pencils and crayons.. now I have to supply so much more. At least these things are even more necessary for school survival.
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