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It seems we are entering the honeymoon stage to T1D management.

His insulin to carb ratio keeps going down and his night time (long acting) insulin goes down as well. We are at a point where we have to keep adding carbs to his meal because after doing math, he'd need less than 1 unit of insulin (our pens do not do half units). If this keeps up, we will have to request an injector that will do half units because it's so hard for him to eat enough carbs. His tummy is getting fatter by the day.

According to online sources, the honeymoon phase can last anywhere from weeks, to months, to even years. While in the honeymoon phase, we will find ourselves correcting more lows than highs. It will appear that his body doesn't need the insulin injections any more, but we have to maintain them at least a little so his now slightly working pancreas doesn't burn out.

Here's to another juice box!

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