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Yesterday I found out about a free learning app called "Jerry the Bear". Jerry (a bear) has Type 1 Diabetes and needs the help from a human to take care of himself. This app is adorable. It helps children learn about the carb to insulin relationship. There are checklists to complete including "Feed Jerry a meal with at least 200 grams of carbs" so you can learn what symptoms he exhibits when his blood glucose level goes too high, or giving him insulin without food so you can see what happens when his level drops too low. I was amazed by Daniel's pull toward this app from the beginning. In fact, there's a stuffed bear you can buy that resembles the one in the app and comes with an insulin pen, an insulin pump, a blood glucose meter, and other fun things. It, in fact, can be paired with the app for an "augmented reality" experience. You sold me! Not horribly expensive, either ($55 plus tax and shipping).

It was a happy evening with Evie wanting in on the action and I promised her I'd give her the app on her tablet today.

Then, right after bed time, Daniel texted me from his tablet (no, our 8 year old doesn't have a phone, just an email address that he uses Google Hangouts app to message us with). His text message read "the app is not working whenever I try to feed him it just freezes my whole tablet [crying emoticon]" After a little trial and error, he realized it's whenever he tries to give Jerry water, the tablet seizes and we have to hard reboot it.

This broke his heart. It broke my heart. I feel so bad for him. We were making progress with his coping.

I'm not sure what to do for him, we tried resetting his tablet to factory settings and starting over only to have it happen again. It works fine on Evie's tablet. :(

I even sent a message to the developer about it.

Jacob has offered to download the app on his phone for Daniel to use. Such a big brother move. :)

I just hope it works on that platform as well. Tomorrow we shall see!


Today, the developers contacted me back and asked me to do some testing of the app for them. I did everything they asked and gave them the feedback the needed. They then told me that they are working on fixing the problem, but in the mean time here's a secret settings menu to skip the task. I'm happy with this service and so is Daniel!

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