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Okay, here's one of those posts that's not all roses and sunshine.

Last night, he was low (not as low as the 3 am check the day my folks were flying home [48]). He was 80 at midnight, which we corrected with waking him and giving him juice. The rule of 15's: when low (below 100), give 15 grams of fast acting carbs (juice, candy), recheck levels in 15 minutes after consumption. Continue until blood glucose is around 100 then give protein or fat (cheese). The first 15 grams worked at midnight and he was 98, so I gave him another 15 grams and cheese and went to bed.

At three AM he was 94, so for good measure (knowing he still had 4 hours before breakfast), I gave him more juice. 15 minutes later he was up to 98 again. I gave him another 15 grams and went back to bed. I set my alarm for 6am because I didn't want him to crash. His blood glucose level at 6am was 118. Phew.

I got him up for breakfast just before 8:30.. and he was 87. After breakfast, I was still so very tired so I went back to bed while he went to play. We had a pediatrician appointment this morning for a generic follow-up from his hospital stay, so I got up again around 10am. He didn't want to go. I hate having to take a pissed off and almost crying child out of the house and someplace public. But wait.. there's more...

So.. he hated me. He down right hated me for forcing him out the door. So, we are going. I'm breathing and I'm driving. The clinic is new to us, so I don't know where I'm going, but I have an idea. For good measure, I decide to get my phone so I can voice command it to navigate to it... wait... where's my phone?! Yup.. I left it at home. All his logs are on my phone. My calendar is on my phone--yes.. I'm phone dependent. As for finding the clinic... that was a joy-ride of Daniel laughing at me in a "serves you right" kind of tone while I drove from parking lot to parking lot up and down the street it's on (I knew a 3 block radius of lots of office buildings). Found it.. somehow on time. He was angry still and defiant almost the entire appointment. He REALLY drained my energy.

Something good happened, though.

The nurse who was doing his vitals, before she did them... she got his attention as he was defacing the room (pulling down the movable wall stickers) and said, "Hey, Daniel.. can I tell you something? We have something in common, you and me. Daniel, I am a type 1 diabetic! Want to see my insulin pump?" I had to fight back the tears. He glanced for a bit, then when he started to melt, he remembered he was angry and said "no you don't!" and turned around again.

When we were going over his symptoms that brought us to the hospital, she compared her's to his. It was nice to have someone who really could sympathize as they've been through what he's going through.

After the appointment was over, lunch was late and hangry kids created a riot in my car. I checked his glucose levels because he was inconsolably crying and sugars effect emotions. He was fine. We all calmed down and agreed on a restaurant favorite to eat at. I took 5 minutes glancing over their well put together nutrition menu online and came up with a number of carbs. As it turns out, A&W is a very doable place to eat with his carb load goals, and being full but not bloated afterwards. And he liked the diet root beer just the same as regular. :)

A&W is in the mall, so the kids wanted to jump on this bungee cord trampoline attraction they have there. So, after lunch we did. Since he just ate, I didn't think I'd have to worry about a sugar drop, but as soon as we got home.. he was hungry and pale, so I checked him.. yup... 85. dang. I was exhausted and wanted a quite time, but nope. Thankfully, his body responded well to the rule of 15's and the first round was enough. Unfortunately, so much started happening at once (the low, an email from Brad with dose change orders from the endocrinology clinic, a message from the clinic, ...) and I broke. I couldn't multi-task and couldn't prioritize the information, so I broke down into tears. Daniel and Evie had already left the room before I broke, but Jacob was there. He helped me recover, but I'm still fighting back tears.

Today was hard.... for me. Life doesn't stop so you can breathe. The Earth doesn't stop rotating. I'm thankful that my oldest was there to bring me stuff and remind me it is okay.

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